Purple Kiss “In words, ‘unscratched lottery'”[화보]


At 1 pm today (1st), through the official YouTube channel of Rolling Stone Korea, an interview with PURPLE KISS, who is actively working by breaking its own record with ‘Zombie’, was released.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Korea, Purple Kiss talked frankly about the things they don’t want to forget while promoting as Purple Kiss, how to maintain high tension, and what excites the members recently.

To the question of expressing the future purple kiss in one word, member Doshi said, “We want to show a wonderful stage with our own chemistry and tension with all the members united and united as one.” “If I were to put it in words, I think of it as ‘a lottery ticket that is not scratched’.”

One after another, member Park Ji-eun said, “It’s unique.” Finally, member Suan said, “Purple Kiss is eternal. Because if we want to do all these things, Purple Kiss must be together forever, and even Flories who have been with us have to be forever.”

Before releasing the video, Rolling Stone Korea received a lot of attention by releasing an interview about the charm points of the new album ‘HIDE & SEEK’ and what they prepared for their comeback with a zombie concept through their webzine on the 18th. there is a bar Meanwhile, more stories of Purple Kiss can be found on the Rolling Stone Korea official YouTube channel.

Rolling Stone Korea, which is conducting various interviews with artists from various fields, is planning to deliver the stories of more artists.

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