Purwakarta Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake Reaches 84.33 Percent

PURWAKARTA-The progress of the uptake of Covid-19 vaccination in the West Java region has reached 1,565,057 doses or 50.30 percent of the number of vaccines that have been distributed to each regency and city in the region.

Meanwhile, the uptake of vaccine reached 84.33 percent. Purwakarta Regency is the district with the highest percentage of vaccine use in West Java, followed by Tasikmalaya City, Karawang Regency, Sukabumi City and Indramayu Regency, respectively.

Head of the Purwakarta Regency Health Service, Deni Darmawan, said the successful absorption of the Covid-19 vaccine was the result of accelerated vaccination carried out by the Purwakarta Regency Government in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

“Based on data from the West Java Provincial Government, the uptake of vaccination use in Purwakarta is the highest in West Java. The uptake of Covid-19 vaccination in Purwakarta Regency has reached 84.33 percent. So that the remaining vaccine stock is only 15.67 percent, “said Deni, Thursday (1/4).

This, continued Deni, shows the seriousness of the Purwakarta Regency Government in conducting the Covid-19 vaccination, both the first stage for health workers and their supporters as well as the second stage for public servants.

According to him, from the cumulative vaccination data report up to March 31, 2021, the total vaccinated reached 29,770 people.

“With details, on the first dose; The human resources for health (health workers) vaccinated were 3,988 people or 94.84 percent. Meanwhile, for public servants who have been vaccinated, it reaches 11,924 or 34.74 percent and the elderly are 256 people, “said Deni.

Meanwhile, for the second dose, the total number of vaccinated reached 8,515 or 6.63 percent, with details of the number of health human resources (health workers) vaccinated as much as 3,926 or 93.37 percent. “The number of vaccinated public servants is 4,586 or 13.36 percent and the number of elderly vaccinated is 3 people,” added Deni.

Separately, the Regent of Purwakarta, Anne Ratna Mustika, said that the vaccination was an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, with this vaccination, residents must maintain and apply health protocols.

“The acceleration of Covid-19 vaccination is in line with directives from the province and the central government. Hopefully this vaccination can be in accordance with the target set, “said Ambu Anne.

He also emphasized that even though people have been vaccinated, they must still implement the 5M movement in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Where the movement in question is wearing a mask, washing hands with soap, maintaining distance, moving away from crowds, and reducing mobility. (trg)

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