Pushed into the mud, Reva, a Trans Papuan worker, survived the TPNPB attack

MANOKWARI, KOMPAS.com-Reva or her full name Dewi Manise finally found safe after escaping the pursuit of the West Papua National Liberation Army TPNPB or the police called him an unknown person (OTK), on Thursday (29/9/2022) in Majnik Village.

Although there are some injuries, especially in the knee. Reva is now on her way to Bintuni Bay, escorted by TNI personnel from the Moyerga Post.

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The Head of Public Relations of the West Papua Police, Kombes Pol. Adam Erwindi, confirmed that the cook for the road project is now safe.

“We received information from the Police Chief that Reva alias Dewi Manise is now in Bintuni.” said the Head of Public Relations of the West Papua Police, Kombes Adam Erwindi, Sunday (2/10/2022).

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In that fateful incident, Reva sat right in front of the truck driver. When the criminals attacked him and the other workers, Reva was forced to jump from the front of the car.

“He was then pushed by a male friend into a ravine, so he bounced under the mud at that location,” said the Head of Public Relations.

Happy at people’s homes

After the incident, the cook was in a mud puddle with injuries to his body after jumping.

Luckily, a resident of Istewkim Village, Moyerga District, accommodated him at home.

“Initially, Marinus Orocomna, as a villager, reported to Pos Meyerga that the victim from the KKB attack had been found at Barnabas Orocomna’s house in Inokra Village,” he said.

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The Moyerga TNI Post Commander asked the victim to be brought to the post.

The victim then received protection and was treated medically by TNI personnel at the post.

“Now the victim is traveling from Mayerga to Bintuni in the guard of TNI personnel and was received in Bintuni by the Ditrreskrimum team of the West Papua Police led by the Direskrimum Polda West Papua Kombes Pol. Novia Jaya, SH, MM,” said the Head of Public Relations.

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