Pushing for HIV/AIDS Prevention, South Kalimantan OPSI Hopes KPA Banjarmasin City to Reactivate

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID, BANJARMASIN – Throughout 2020-2021, HIV/AIDS prevention activities in the City of Banjarmasin are almost empty.

This was conveyed by the Representative Coalition to Care for HIV/AIDS, as well as the chairman of the Indonesian Social Change Organization (OPSI) of South Kalimantan, Siti Jubaidah.

According to him, based on observations from several NGOs and HIV/AIDS activists in Banjarmasin City, the last known activity was mobile VCT, which was held in June 2021.

Meanwhile, the Banjarmasin City AIDS Commission (KPA) has not been functioning since 2018.

“This certainly affects the coordination process for HIV/AIDS prevention, between the government, supporting organizations and outreach to PLWHA/PLWV,” he said, Sunday (11/28/2021).

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Therefore Coalition to Care for HIV/AIDS South Kalimantan recommends several policy points, so that HIV/AIDS prevention can be maximally mobilized.

Among other things, local governments should prioritize efforts to overcome HIV/AIDS, in development policies
regions and provide adequate budget allocations.

Reactivate the Banjarmasin City HIV/AIDS Commission (KPA) by ensuring the representation of every stakeholder
interests, including the representation of NGOs or organizations based on the HIV/AIDS Community.

The government should provide budget allocations for outreach and assistance, which can be accessed by HIV/AIDS community-based organizations through program schemes or grant schemes.

In addition, the government is also considered to need to ensure that PLWHA/ODHIV can access social assistance, or other government assistance within the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recovery.

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Furthermore, bringing ARV services closer to Level I Health Facilities (PKM), to make it easier for PLWHA/ODHIV to access ARV services.

“And prevent the occurrence of Lost To Follow Up, intensify campaign and education efforts to erode stigma and discrimination against PLWHA/PLWHIV,” he said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Banjarmasin TP-PKK, Hj Siti Wasilah Ibnu Sina, admitted that he would coordinate with the relevant agencies regarding the absence of the Banjarmasin KPA.

“We will coordinate with the relevant agencies on how to facilitate the Banjarmasin KPA to be re-established,” he said.

(Banjarmasinpost.co.id/Muhammad Rahmadi)

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