“Putin does not plan for peace.” Stoltenberg calls on the West to prepare for long-term support for Ukraine

Speaking about China’s willingness to act as a mediator in the Ukrainian conflict, Stoltenberg noted that Beijing should try to “understand Ukraine’s perspectives” and “contact directly with [Ukrainas] the president [Volodimiru Zelenski]”. The NATO leader was also unhappy that Beijing has not yet condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Stoltenberg said the West had supplied enough military equipment, including tanks, combat vehicles and rocket artillery, “to give the Ukrainians the opportunity to regain territory, to free up more and more land” occupied by Russia after the full-scale invasion began on February 24 last year.

He emphasized that the goal is to “give the Ukrainians the opportunity to launch an offensive and regain territory.” Although NATO does not take part in this armed conflict, the countries of the alliance make their own decisions regarding arms deliveries.

The NATO leader did not rule out the possibility that alliance members could go further by sending F-16 fighter jets or other Western jets to Ukraine.

“We must continue to take into account the need for more potential,” Stoltenberg stressed, adding that “no decisions have been made about the F-16,” despite US President Joe Biden’s initial refusal to supply these US-made fighters to Ukraine.

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