Putin gave the Egyptian President a ride on Aurus Senat on the track


The presidential test drive took place in the framework of the official meeting of the Russian president with the Egyptian chief Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, held in Sochi. The trip was preceded, first, by a trip of officials on the presidential limousine of the Aurus brand and, secondly, by an inspection of all the other family members of the new Russian brand: the exhibition was placed in the Sochi Olympic Park.

According to the official Kremlin resource, Vladimir Putin personally led the Egyptian president in the short version of the Aurus Senat, and the trip took place directly on the car circuit Sochi Autodrom, the track on which the Russian Grand Prix of Formula 1 races. The impressions of the presidents after the test drive are not reported.

It is worth mentioning that the Aurus family includes the so-called "unified modular platform" and three models based on it: the Senat sedan, the Arsenal minivan and the Komendant SUV. The latest model is still under development and should be born next year.

The sedan line includes a limousine and a short basic version, which can be realized in a armored version. According to preliminary data, the convertible, which is scheduled for the ceremonies during the parade on Red Square, will soon join the line-up – which is held there regularly on May 9, on the day of the victory.



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