Putin ill, new suspects after the ceremony in the Kremlin. What happened – Time

Giada Oricchio

December 21, 2022

Does Vladimir Putin have Covid? Did he jeopardize the ceremony in the Catherine Hall of the Kremlin? The Telegram Generall Svr channel, managed by a former Russian lieutenant who is now a dissident, released its usual morning post, focusing attention on the state of health of the “tsar”. First he underlined the opposing behaviors of Zelensky and Putin, one at the front under bombs and the other safe within the golden walls of the Kremlin: “While the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky visited the hottest spot on the front, the city of Bakhmut, where fierce battles have been fought for months and has awarded soldiers, Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the ceremony of awarding the highest state awards of the Russian Federation in the warm, bright and generally safe Catherine Hall.

Then he revealed that the only danger to Putin was Putin himself. Because? “Already the day before he had obvious symptoms of SARS (perhaps the flu), such as chills, pain in the head and joints, fever and runny nose, but the president preferred to be present by blocking the symptoms with medicines”.

Between now and New Year’s Eve, the president of the Russian Federation must show himself in good shape because he is expected at a series of events such as the enlarged meeting of the College of the Ministry of Defense: “It is almost impossible to cancel the participation, although no really important decisions are foreseen – yes reads on the Telegram channel -. Here, too, it is necessary to bring sick Putin to planned actions. It also seems that Lukashenko did not lie when he said he had the flu when he tried to interrupt Putin’s visit to the Republic of Belarus ”.

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