Putin instructs former Wagner chief of staff to organize volunteers to fight in Ukraine

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The Russian president, Vladimir Putincommissioned Andrey Troshevformer chief of staff of the mercenary company Wagnerthe organization of volunteer units to fight in Ukraineas reported by the Kremlin.

“In the last meeting we talked about you would deal with the creation of volunteer units capable of carrying out combat missions above all, of course, in the zone of the special military operation,” Putin told Troshev in a meeting held on Thursday in which he also Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yunus-Bek Yevkurov attended.

The Russian president highlighted that the former chief of staff of the Wagners fought for more than a year in this type of unit and “knows the issues that must be resolved so that combat work proceeds in the best and most successful way possible.”

At the meeting, the president stressed that regardless of the status of the people who carry out or carried out combat missions, all of them must have the same social guarantees. “For the country, for the homeland, it does not matter the status in which the person fought to defend the homeland,” he stressed.

Troshev, former Russian Army colonel, cKnown by its callsign “Sedói” (gray-haired, in Spanish), is considered one of the founders of Grupo Wagner, whose leader, the billionaire Yevgeni Prigozhindied on August 23 along with other mercenary leaders, when their plane crashed north of Moscow.

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