Putin on accelerating the reunification of Russia with Belarus

– The unprecedented political and social pressure of the so-called collective West in the form of sanctions pushes us to accelerate the process of unification. Together, it is easier to minimize the damage resulting from illegal sanctions, it is easier to start the production of desired products, develop new competences and expand cooperation with friendly countries – said Putin, speaking to the participants of the Forum of the Regions of Russia and Belarus.

Putin is supposed to come to Grodno in person, where the meeting is taking place, but his visit was canceled a few days ago.

According to Putin, Russia and Belarus should strengthen cooperation in the field of exports, in particular the supply of food and fertilizers to world markets.

Russia and Belarus form the Union of Belarus and Russia, the aim of which is to bring about economic integration of both countries. Late last year, presidents Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko signed a document they called the Integration Decree, which they had been negotiating for over twenty years. They agreed that both countries will have, inter alia, common military doctrine and will, as Putin said, “jointly respond to interference in the internal affairs of our countries.”

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Source: “The Guardian”, Reuters, Onet

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