Putin Reveals Priorities for the Russian Defense Industry, What Are They?


President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech at the 15th anniversary of the Russian high-tech company Rostec, Moscow, November 26, 2022. Photo/Sputnik/Ilya Pitalev

MOSCOW – President Vladimir Putin said Russian defense giant Rostec played a key role in ensuring the country’s “technological sovereignty”.

Nevertheless, according to Putin, Rostec needs to draw on real combat experience in countering Western weapons in Ukraine.

Putin explained that Rostec has been in charge of the development, production and export of high-tech products, not only for military but also for civilian use.

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Putin explained this at a reception celebrating the conglomerate’s 15th birthday.

“The experience we have gained during special operations (in Ukraine) and against modern Western-style military equipment is very good and it is necessary to use it to improve the quality, reliability and combat characteristics of several types of weapons equipment made in our country,” said the Russian President.

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Putin said the “number one” task at the moment is to do everything to fully meet the needs of the military, in particular “every company and platoon deployed in special military operations.”

“Increased military production should also give a boost to related civilian industries,” he said, while internal competition between development bureaus should pave the way for manufacturing the best models of equipment that have shown their value in combat.

The 2007 decision to establish a “strong industry” turned out to be completely justified, according to Putin.

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