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Putin has signed the laws that define the definition of spy devices

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on "special technical means", clarifying this concept. The document is published on the portal of legal information.

By these means we mean devices, systems, complexes, devices, special tools for entering a room, as well as software designed to receive information, store it, process it and transmit it. Furthermore, these tools provide hidden information or access them without the owner's knowledge.

The State Duma clarified the definition of spy devices

The law establishes that "special technical means" do not include devices in free circulation and with which it is possible to take photos, videos, make audio recordings or discover geolocation. The document states that at the same time these devices should not be modified so that they can receive personal information without the knowledge of its owner.

Corresponding changes have been made to Article 138 of the Criminal Code of Russia. For the acquisition of "special technical means" he faces up to four years in prison.



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