Putin’s desperation: looking for a way out, he fell into Erdogan’s trap

What does RT Erdogan really want after meeting with Putin?

As Russia desperately mobilizes troops in the occupied territories of Ukraine territories and fearing the worst nightmare of a counterattack, V. Putin is looking for ways to reach an agreement on a cease-fire. It is known that President of Ukraine Volodymyras Zelenskis will certainly not agree to talk about separating the occupied territories from Ukraine, V. Putin is currently using all possible efforts and connections to put pressure on Ukraine from its foreign partners.

“V. Putin seeks a truce, and he does so by trying to consolidate the already occupied territories with some international documents. Only in this way will he be able to show his provincial people a kind of victory. Although we didn’t take it of Kievwe will never take it, but we saved the people of Donbass from genocide, we expanded our bridgehead.

His propaganda will certainly be able to present all of this, if not as a victory, then at least not as a defeat, after which the dictator has to leave his post,” Andrei Piontkovskis, a well-known Russian publicist and columnist living in the United States of America, explained the current situation.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Vladimir Putin

It is in this context that the meeting of the Russian autocrat with RT Erdogan, who rules Turkey with an iron fist, took place last Friday in Sochi.

Reviewer A. Piontkovskis ironically says that he is disappointed Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz, of France President Emmanuel Macron and of Italy Prime Minister Mario Draghi, V. Putin appointed RT Erdogan to be responsible for announcing the ceasefire.

Although the Turkish president, who provided military support to Ukraine and politically supported it, received a lot of criticism after a rather friendly meeting with V. Putin, it seems that in this situation he is playing a multifaceted geopolitical game and he is doing it skillfully using the desperate situation of the Russian leader who is seeking a truce.

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He uses V. Putin’s weakness in the most cynical way

RT Erdogan – a very peculiar, strong politician. Like Putin, he has his own imperial ambitions. Only he seeks not to create a “Russian world”, but to restore the lost Ottoman Empire.

Despite the fact that he helped Ukraine a lot, supplied Bairaktar drones, supported the country politically, RT Erdogan plays a complicated game.

He fully understands the difficult situation V. Putin is currently in and how important help is for him. In addition, there is no other politician like RT Erdogan who could take the initiative to organize negotiations on a ceasefire in Ukraine,” said A. Piontkovskis.

A Russian publicist currently living in the United States of America notes that despite the Kremlin’s hopes, RT Erdogan is well aware that he will not be able to achieve anything.

Volodymyras Zelenskis

Volodymyras Zelenskis

© Zuma Press / Scanpix

It’s just that the Ukrainian authorities will not agree to the cease-fire conditions that may be proposed by the Turkish president, who is broadcasting the Kremlin’s position. Especially since Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has repeatedly emphasized that the question of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and relinquishment of occupied territories cannot and will not be discussed.

“Even V. Putin himself cannot fail to understand this. But he just wants to see some light at the end of the tunnel, and RT Erdogan is taking advantage of V. Putin’s situation in the most cynical way, demanding to make huge concessions, and this is already happening now,” said A. Piontkovskis.

The fate of Armenia is already decided: V. Putin leaves the ally to its fate

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According to the reviewer, the first signs are already visible Caucasus in a region where Turkey is an extremely close ally Azerbaijan trying to take back Russia’s allies Armenia annexed territories of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Just two days after the meeting between Putin and Erdogan, the Azerbaijani army occupied key positions in Nagorno-Karabakh controlled by so-called “Russian peacekeepers”.

It should be reminded here that last year, the presidents of Turkey and Azerbaijan, which it supports, signed an agreement on the unification of the armies of both countries. So now, at least formally, there is a confrontation between the military forces of Turkey and Russia, the soldiers of both countries are so close that they can shoot at each other.

Azerbaijan after the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Azerbaijan after the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

© Itar-Tass / Scanpix

“However, this issue was not discussed during the meeting between V. Putin and RT Erdogan. Which means that the problem is already solved.

For the fact that RT Erdogan promised to organize Russia and Ukraine truce process, V. Putin betrayed his ally Armenia once again. The first time he did this was during the second Nagorno-Karabakh war, and now RT Erdogan has received his “pay”. This is the fate of both Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia itself.

Because the next plan: to “cleanse” the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh, to connect Azerbaijan with the land corridor Turkey and finally surround what remains of Armenia,” said a well-known Russian commentator.

RT Erdogan’s imperial ambitions: defeat the Kurds and gain a foothold in Syria

During the RT Erdogan-Putin meeting, the situation was also discussed in Syriaaccording to A. Piontkovskis, the Turkish president here also seeks to force the Russian autocrat to make huge concessions,

“RT Erdogan has received approval to organize a military campaign in the northern part of Syria. And this agreement was cleverly disguised by the wording in the official announcement that “Russia and Turkey will jointly pay a lot of attention to the fight against terrorism in Syria,” the political scientist noted.

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Putin's desperation: looking for a way out, he fell into Erdogan's trap

© Itar-Tass / Scanpix

Turkey’s geopolitical interests in Syria have long been known. RT Erdogan is seeking military means to “neutralize” the Kurdish ethnic minority, whose paramilitary groups Turkey calls terrorist organizations.

“It is not difficult to betray the Kurds, everyone has been betraying them for the last 100 years. However, at the same time, V. Putin is betraying his friend, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose ass he started his military adventure in Syria to save,” observed A. Piontkovskis.

The reviewer predicts that he took advantage of the thankfully created situation when he managed to force V. Putin not to object Turkish army for the introduction into Syria, RT Erdogan will solve two tasks.

He will first deal with the Kurds and then expand with military force into Idlib province, which is currently home to Sunni rebels loyal to Turkey and confronting Assad.

“RT Erdogan sees his historical role. And V. Putin is paying a huge geopolitical price for the Turkish president’s empty promises to help him negotiate with Ukraine. This once again proves what a difficult situation he is in, how vitally important it is for him to reach a cease-fire agreement”, summed up A. Piontkovskis.

Putin's desperation: looking for a way out, he fell into Erdogan's trap

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