Putri KW Passed Police Education, PBSI persuaded her to continue playing in the 2022 Badminton World Championship

Putri Kusuma Wardani at a press conference ahead of the 2022 Indonesia Masters at Istora Senayan, Monday (06/06/22). Photo: Herry Ibrahim/Indosport.com

INDOSPORT.COM – badminton Princess Kusuma Wardani pass police training. PBSI is trying to keep him in the Badminton World Championship (BWF World Championship 2022).

The news about Putri Kusuma Wardani undergoing female police education (polwan) was first announced by the Chairperson of the Banten PBSI Provincial Management, Sudarto Adinagoro.

In response to this, the Head of the PBSI Achievement Development Division, Rionny Mainaky explained that he had not had time to establish communication again with Putri KW.

“That will be discussed later recently. He just entered (the police) too, then he passed the World Championship (World Championship) just now,” said Rionny Mainaky.

“After this, we will confirm first,” added Rionny Mainaky when met by the media crew at the PBSI Pelatnas, Monday (25/7/22).

Related to the agenda of the World Championship or BWF World Championship 2022 which will take place next August, Rionny still hopes that Putri can go.

“Yes, I received (the invitation to the World Championship), but we have to communicate more,” explained Rionny about the status of Putri KW at the 2022 BWC.

“I hope I can participate in the decision. If the situation is like this, I can’t, because her son also has aspirations there (to become a policewoman),” explained Rionny Mainaky again.

However, there is a positive side when Putri KW is accepted into the police and is now undergoing policewoman education. Rionny hopes that Putri will take disciplinary lessons.

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“But I said he wanted to be in badminton actually. But for there (police) I think there is a little help so that they can be disciplined,” added the former badminton athlete.

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