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Get the bowl!

While the Emir of Qatar thrived in Italy and England in search of a new club to buy, The Parisian reveals Thursday that PSG owners are asking questions about their involvement in the capital club.

Eight years after PSG resumed, enthusiasm would have given way to some skepticism on the Doha side. The leaders I believe that recognition tests are rare. On the other hand, after each defeat, the taunting flows obscure the image of the club and, in turn, that of the emirate. (…)If media critics tire out Parisian leaders, the lack of support for French football afflicts them", Relay the daily Paris.

In fact, if a disengagement from the club is not yet entirely on the agenda, the Qataris could still set sail after the 2022 World Championship held at home.

Until then, winning the LOC would have been a good idea.

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