Quarantine? Concepción and Talcahuano live key days

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“We are living difficult weeks, We are entering March with high mobility of people, which will increase the number of cases. Although, there was a drop in them, in January and early February, we see that people relaxed, which was noticeable”, Indicated the seremi of Health, Héctor Muñoz, before the increase of cases that the Region presented.

Indeed, 552 new infections of Covid-19 were announced, with 3,418 active and an accumulated of 73,544 and 1,287 deaths, which led to quarantine in Lota, Coronel and Contulmo, starting Thursday at 5:00 AM, not ruling out adding the Greater Concepción, mainly Concepción and Talcahuano, since both communes present the highest asset rate, with 433 and 317, respectively.

“If Concepción and Talcahuano do not respect the measures imposed, on Thursday we could take the measure of returning to confinement. We are in an analysis to make the decision ”, clarified the health authority.

Rollback to Phase 1

Regarding the reasons that led to the quarantine decreed in these three communes and to evaluate the same for Concepción and Talcahuano, “People are relaxed, mainly due to vaccines, believing that it will give them immunity, something that is not the case, which was seen in the contagion curve and added to family outbreaks and the late detection of these cases, ”explained Muñoz.

Added to this is the high incidence rate and family outbreaks.

“In the case of Coronel it is due to the rapid increase in the curve and in Lota it is due to the incidence rate of 428, per 100,000 inhabitants”Muñoz detailed.

Regarding the analysis of why the mining communities have spent so long in confinement, Seremi Muñoz specified that, “This is because it has been difficult for people to understand that they cannot meet in large groups, which increases with mobility, increasing infections “.

He added that “the behavior has not been good, although it is not due to clandestine parties, which are detectable, it is the lunches and family meetings that caused the increase, so we hope that they respect the sanitary measures, because they are a headache for Minsal ”.

Words that were supported by the government seremi, Francesca Parodi, who indicated that “the setback is not good news, but it requires the effort of citizens to be limited. Because the more cases there are, the greater the stress in the healthcare networks ”.

In this sense, it was announced that there is only 4% availability in ICU beds, that is, 11 out of 256 and 13% in ICU (17 out of 132).

For his part, the director of the Coronel DAS, Alejandro Martínez, pointed out that “going to quarantine is a decision of the health authority according to indicators, so it is understood.”

From Lota, Mayor Mauricio Velásquez said that “The return to quarantine is basically due to the relaxation not only of the people, but also of Health, who have not carried out an effective inspection, especially on beaches and people in transit, mainly backpackers ”.

About 10,000 doses of vaccines reached the Biobío

A shipment of 9,750 new doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines to combat Covid-19, arrived at the Biobío on Monday.

Vaccines of which 6.825 will be destined for the province of Concepción; and another 2,925, to cover Biobío’s demand, specifically to the Los Angeles commune, which, according to the report delivered by the Minsal, presented 433 active cases of Covid-19 and a cumulative of 7,767.

“With the arrival of this new consignment, the vaccination strategy for workers in educational establishments will be able to continue. in the age group between 39 and 23 years old, in the week of March 01 to 08; this process considers teachers, educational assistants, kindergarten educators, directors, administrators and food handlers, ”said Seremi Héctor Muñoz.

As for the personnel who have already been inoculated with Pfizer-BioNTech, the health authority detailed that there have been 15,899, which is equivalent to 99.5%.


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