Quarantine for rabies installed on the territory of a private family in Sochi


Quarantine for rabies installed on the territory of a private family in Sochi

The epidemic of a fatal disease for animals and people has been identified in the Matsesta district in the Khostinsky district of Sochi.

Sick animals, as reportedLive Kuban»In the press department of the Rosselkhoznadzor department for the territory of Krasnodar and the Republic of Adygea, which is located on the territory of a private family in Chekmenev Street. In this regard, the quarantine is established in the neighborhood.

The Matsesta area of ​​Khostinsky's intracity district of Sochi was identified as an unsuccessful point, specified in the Rosselkhoznadzor.

For the entire quarantine period, the sale of pets and the capture of wild animals are prohibited on the territory of the microdistrict (for export to zoos, for resettlement in other areas and so on). It is also forbidden to hold exhibitions of dogs and cats and the export of animals outside the district.

The regional Rosselkhoznadzor reminds pet owners how to protect their pets and themselves from being infected by a deadly virus.

To do this, you should, first of all, avoid any contact with stray animals. Secondly, it is necessary to vaccinate rabies every year. And thirdly, it is necessary to take the dogs to walk only to muzzles and on a leash, and also sell, buy and take out dogs and cats only if there are veterinary documents accompanying the rabies vaccination.

If there are signs of disease and unusual behavior of the animals, it is necessary to inform immediately the specialists of the state veterinary service.

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