Chris Hemsworth leads fitness as a lifestyle and has his own exercise app Credit: Instagram

In the framework of the




, the days of


they can be very long, and many


they try to offer their followers alternatives so as not to get bored and be encouraged to

physical exercise routines

. Under the hashtag ”


“, each one shares his initiatives: at the international level

Chris Hemsworth

enabled free use of their app to train at home, and

Jessica Alba

showed that it is quite a

fitness mom


In our country there are also many exponents of exercise at home: from

Jessica Cirio

with dance choreography to do in small spaces, up to

Florencia Peña

and his

family training

with her 2 year old son Felipe.

Jessica Alba: fitness mom

Jessica Alba

he did a “live” Instagram to show his daily exercise routine and motivated his followers: ”

Stay strong

In addition, she also showed a dance with her daughter Honor, 11 years old: the actress is also the mother of Haven, 8, and Hayes, 2, the result of her love with film producer Cash Warren.

The 38-year-old actress shows in the videos with her daughters that she has the rhythm in her blood: remember that she was the protagonist of the film

Honey, the dance queen

in 2003, where she played a very talented choreographer and showed off her best moves. More than 16 years later, she continues to be passionate about dance.

Chris Hemsworth: Train Like Thor

Chris Hemsworth

he is always very committed to humanitarian causes: a few months ago

donated a million dollars to fight Australia’s wildfires

In the face of this pandemic context, the actor also wants to contribute his grain of sand.

The protagonist of


It has its own physical exercise application, called “Centr”, and announced on its social networks that all new users will have free access to all their routines and will be able to do repetitions with it: “The app was created to facilitate access to workouts , recipes and exercises from anywhere and,

Now more than ever, we believe that leading a healthy lifestyle is very important

In addition to enabling free use of his application, the actor shares videos and photos of the most intense moments of his quarantine, and motivates his followers to dare to try their exercises.

Micaela Viciconte: love and exercise go hand in hand

Micaela Viciconte


Fabian Cubero

They are going through the mandatory quarantine together and are betting on humor above all else. However, not only do they upload fun videos to their accounts, but they commit to maintaining their physical states with daily exercise routines.

Recently shared

a clip with a routine that can be done as a couple


in tight spaces, and another clip of a session to tone the buttocks that is done individually.

Viviana Saccone: gymnastics to raise the defenses

Viviana Saccone

She has shared her daily exercise routines for several months, and given the context of mandatory quarantine, the actress invited her followers to join her initiative: “A good training routine not only keeps you in shape, but the most important thing is the amount of benefits it brings:

your immune system increases

and that is essential in these times. ”

Jessica Cirio: dance time

Jessica Cirio

promotes the classes of


for several years and usually share choreography fragments on their social networks. Now, with her daughter Chloé – the result of her marriage to Martín Insaurralde – running around the house, the model adapts her exercise routines and varies her options: she published a series of localized gymnastic exercises and a

dance tutorial


Naty Franzoni: yoga and stretching for stress

Naty franzoni

She always shares content through her Instagram on how to start entering the world of yoga, meditation and stretching. The Ciudad Magazine host recently became the mother of her second child, and despite the inconvenience of quarantine for the little ones, Franzoni published some alternatives to exercise while rocking the baby’s stroller.

Florencia Peña: family training

Florencia Peña

He brings his quota of humor to the quarantine and published a video of his family training evenings: the actress does her exercise routine with her partner,

Ramiro Ponce de León

, and her youngest son,


, 2 years. To the rhythm of cumbia, the boy dances and tries to imitate his mother in each exercise.



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