News Quarantine: nearly 80 percent support the measure...

Quarantine: nearly 80 percent support the measure…

A survey yesterday showed broad support for the decision to extend the quarantine. The study of Analía del Franco detailed an accompaniment of almost 80 per cent the message of Alberto Fernández. The survey was conducted just ended the announcement, in the AMBA. “It is clear that the expectation of the announcement was high as almost 80% stated to have seen or heard. The reception of the ads and their arguments was positive in spite of not being ‘good news'”, highlights the survey.

78, 9 of the respondents saw advertisements on TV; 16.1 stated that “something” you “are counted”; and the remaining 5 percent did not see anything. 76.9 percent expressed agreement with the tightening of the quarantine until the 17th of July. Disagreement was expressed with a 21.9 per cent. 1.5 does not know.

In respect of the words of Alberto Fernandez, to 71.6 per cent liked the intervention of the president. 20.2 he said that he didn’t like, and the remaining 8,2 said he did not know. In regard to the president’s credibility on his reasons for extending the social isolation, 78.5 believed him, compared with 15.7 that they did not believe him and 5.8 that said not to know.

Finally, respondents were asked about the degree of agreement with those who say that thanks to the efforts of the quarantine is avoided a situation like that you live in Brazil and Chile. 78.8 agreeingwhile 18.3 said to be in disagreement and the 2.9-expressed not knowing.

The survey was conducted yesterday, after the announcement, to 650 men and women of the AMBAbetween 17 and 74 years of age and able to vote, with a margin of error +/- 3.8 percent. The mode was the telephone, “under the IVR system, recorded by a professional announcer, with application of semi-structured questionnaire designed ad-hoc, with closed questions and scales of view”.

It also points out that “while in the polling flash was consulted only on the credibility and acceptance of the president, the image of the three leaders together, and their agreements despite the differences, it is a contribution to reassuring the public opinion.”



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