Quarantine requirements for travelers from Iceland, Italy and San Marino

The government is making several changes to reduce the risk of import infection,

Iceland, Italy and San Marino go from green to orange. In Sweden, several regions that were previously green are now orange. This applies to Gotland, Halland, Skåne and Stockholm.

The changes take effect from midnight, night to Monday 2 August.

Quarantine hotel requirements

Several countries have also turned dark red on the updated infection map. From Monday, there will therefore be a requirement for quarantine hotels for travelers from Andorra, Corsica and the southern Aegean islands in Greece.

If you can document that you have received the first vaccine dose at least three weeks ago, you will not be quarantined.

From before, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom are dark red, and travelers from there must basically be in quarantine hotels.

Fully vaccinated or those who have undergone covid-19 disease in the last six months are exempt from entry quarantine regardless of which country they come from.

This means the different colors

Green land: There are no requirements for testing before you enter Norway or are quarantined. You must fill in the entry registration form and test yourself at the border upon arrival. Those who live in green countries are exempt from the entry ban to Norway.

Orange country: Travelers from orange countries have the same rules as travelers from red countries. However, it may be relevant to introduce separate requirements for orange countries later.

Red countries: It is limited who has the right to enter Norway. Those who have the right to enter Norway must have a negative test certificate before entry, fill in the entry registration form, test themselves at the border upon arrival, and they must be in the entry quarantine.

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Dark red countries: The same entry rules as red countries, but in addition, parts of the entry quarantine must be carried out at quarantine hotels.

Lilla land: Grandparents, boyfriends, etc. from these countries are exempted from the entry ban. Prior consent must be sought for entry for girlfriends when the country of departure is purple and the entry permit can only be used while the country is purple. Read more in this circular. Otherwise the same entry rules (quarantine, test, etc.) as red countries.

Other countries in the world: Same entry rules (quarantine hotel, test, etc.) as for dark red countries.

Here the entry restrictions are removed

Liechtenstein will be green from Monday, thus removing entry restrictions and quarantine requirements.

By the way, these countries are green: Bulgaria, Greenland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Vatican City State and Austria.

Several countries turn purple

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs still advises against all travel that is not strictly necessary for countries outside the EEA / Schengen and the United Kingdom. But there are exceptions for some selected countries from this, the so-called purple countries.

The government has also decided that Saudi Arabia and Ukraine go from gray to purple on the infection map. Thus, the travel council is also changed and travel to these two countries is no longer discouraged.

From before, these countries are purple: Albania, Azerbaijan, Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Kosovo, Moldova, New Zealand, Northern Macedonia, Qatar, Serbia, Singapore and Taiwan.

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