Quarrels with the organizers and total exhaustion. We just have to have a hard time, Krejčíková wonders

When she flew from Prague’s Ruzyně to the venue of the Olympics, Barbora Krejčíková shone with happiness and hurried to enjoy the matches under the five rings. She had no idea how much strength and especially nerves the medal won under the Tokyo sun would cost her.

Tokyo (From our newsletter) – Just a few days before the Tokyo Games, the tennis superstar has been making an invincible impression in recent months. She dominated the domestic tournament in Prague and traveled to Japan full of determination and pumped with a healthy Olympic enthusiasm.

“I’m really looking forward to it there. I’ll work like a tiger and try to play the best possible result in both singles and doubles,” she promised at the time.

And one must be left. Enthusiasm really brought the whole forum, even though the tennis program started the very next day, Krejčíková went to the opening ceremony, marched around the stadium for hours to really feel the Olympic atmosphere.

She also confirmed that she was ingrained in tennis and did not release anything on the court. Only that enthusiasm lasted until about Tuesday, when she was tired and lost in singles with the later Swiss finalist Belinda Bencicova. Tears streamed down her cheeks after the match, further proof of how much she cared about her tennis success.

But she couldn’t be sad for a long time, after a while she had to recover, hit the hot court again and fight for promotion in at least doubles.

“Even though Bára is tired, she always plays great anyway. Hats off. She can keep me above water, even if she has enough,” praised her partner Kateřina Siniaková.

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But as soon as they got off the court, they learned that the next day they were playing doubles as the biggest steamer again, as the first in line. Krejčíková couldn’t stand it anymore, and while her teammate was still talking to Czech journalists, the Brno tennis player went to argue with the organizers. In the end, she gained only half an hour.

“We just have to have a hard time. Otherwise it can’t be done, but there’s obviously nothing we can do about it. We take it as a challenge,” Krejčíková shrugged.

Due to fears of cramps, she was knocking her feet off after another challenging battle against the Australians, where this year’s French Open winner and current Wimbledon queen played against each other on the smallest court, without the possibility of a hawk’s eye.

And now? At the end of the week, despite all the hardships and commitment to the greatest heat in the program, he will fight alongside Siniak for the title of Olympic champion.

“I’m going to cry on Sunday, whether it’s gold or silver. As I cried after losing to Belinda (Bencova) because I was very sorry and ran out of energy, I’ll cry again. It’s so deep and emotionally strong.” added Krejčíková.

Either way, it will be the culmination of a rough but inspiring story for the native of Ivančice, which will be surrounded by an Olympic medal.


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