Quebec: 10,000 patients find themselves without a family doctor

Of 25 family doctors who practice at the Saint-Louis clinic in Quebec, six have announced that they are retiring, leaving 10,000 patients without a doctor, since they will not be replaced.

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Family doctor at this clinic, Louise Caron is worried about the repercussions of the departure of her colleagues.

She denounces the government position allocation system which aims to distribute new doctors across the province according to need, a system based on a calculation that is not unanimous.

“These people who do the math need to take the time to look at what the doctor’s practice is like. Does he work in IRDPQ, in rehabilitation, does he see patients, does he do walk-in or emergency, does he work? ‘administration? ”she explained.

“It’s not a job for a job, it’s a job that is distributed to different places. They really have to come and sit down, see the current practice how it is, recalculate all that ”, continued the Dre Caron.


If the situation directly affects the patients at the clinic who lose their family doctor, it remains worrying for some others who fear this moment one day or another.

“I lost my doctor at the time at a medical clinic in Beauport. Then I came to the walk-in here. Then, by chance, she still had room for patients. I had the impression of having won the lottery when it took everyone away, ”said a passerby at the microphone of TVA Nouvelles.

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Shortage of family physicians

The lack of new family physicians is also an issue. According to the Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec (FMOQ), there are currently around 1000 missing. Dr. Caron believes that constructive discussions with the government must be held to hope to get out of this situation.

“It really takes a reorganization, you have to work in a group, you have to learn to delegate to other professionals, but it also takes more hands,” she concluded.

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