Quebecers are really tired

“I’ll wait as long as it takes.” “Science has done its job, it’s up to us to get vaccinated now.” “I am so happy.” Here is what we could hear on Thursday among those who received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

To the surprise of many observers and politicians, Quebeckers flocked to this vaccine, which has had bad press lately.

Why this rush? Because Quebeckers are really tired of the pandemic.

The world attracts the world

The images we saw on Thursday of the vaccination craze will have a very significant impact on the continuation of vaccination in Quebec.

This enthusiasm is also the fruit of the mutual aid we feel at the present time when we see the youngest helping the elderly to make their appointment on Health Click. We see on social media that people are sharing information when a new age group is eligible for vaccination.

Thus, those who were reluctant towards vaccination in general or towards the AstraZeneca vaccine will no doubt be reassured to see so many Quebecers say yes to this vaccine.

As the world attracts the world, it’s a safe bet that appointment booking will accelerate in the coming days. It would be surprising to see people not showing up for their date as was the case on Easter weekend.

Building the tunnel

“We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel” is one of the favorite expressions of politicians both in Quebec City and in Ottawa, especially since they have promised a first dose of vaccine for everyone in the coming weeks.

They are right that vaccination is the light, which will allow us to return to normal life. However, the tunnel is slowly building one vaccine at a time.

Quebec had its best vaccination day on Thursday with 69,148 doses administered. However, according to the latest government figures, 603,346 doses were received and not administered in Quebec.

Thus, while the government is once again imposing containment measures across Quebec, we have the right to wonder if there are vaccines lying dormant in freezers.

In February, when there was a shortage of vaccines, the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, stamped his foot. He said: “It’s a bit like having a new car, well tuned, powerful, solid, but we didn’t have gasoline.”

Today, the gasoline is there, Mr. Dubé should not be afraid to continue to put pressure on the accelerator.

Because, very soon, the newly vaccinated will require to be deconfined.

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