Queen Consort Camilla Abolishes Tradition Close to Elizabeth’s Heart: “The End of an Era” | Royalty

Until now, it has been a deeply rooted tradition that the Queen of the United Kingdom selects a few ladies-in-waiting. Elizabeth herself was very attached to the handful of women she chose, and stated several times that she couldn’t manage without them. Most of the women had been in her service for more than sixty years, taking part in the Queen’s funeral procession. Ladies in waiting are personal assistants to the Queen, and their duties can range from organizational matters such as keeping her diary, to preparing a bath, combing her hair, or laying out clothes.

Camilla, the new queen of the land, doesn’t like having ladies in waiting constantly chasing her. “She has been used to doing everything herself for years,” insiders told the local press. “She has no intention of changing that now.” Her decision is in line with Charles III’s vision: he wants a more modern monarchy that costs less. Royalty experts predict that Camilla’s decision not to hire any more ladies-in-waiting will mark the final end of the ‘lady-in-waiting’ profession in England. “The chance that the even more modern Kate – the Princess of Wales – will still want there is very small,” it sounds. “The end of an era, but a very logical evolution.”

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