Queen Elizabeth estate turns into drive-in cinema | NOW

Sandringham estate, the country residence of the British Queen Elizabeth, turns into a drive-in cinema on September 25, reported Camebridgeshire Live Saturday.

The event kicks off on September 25 with Sam Mendes’ war film 1917, followed by the film biography Rocketman about Elton John. On September 26 Toy Story, The Greatest Showman in Bohemian Rhapsody shown. The next day will Moana, Grease in A Star Is Born can be seen.

The prices for a ticket start at 32.50 British pounds (more than 36 euros). Visitors may choose to pay £ 7.50 extra for popcorn and chairs and tables next to the car.

Participants will park their car in designated areas in Sandringham Country Park and can hear the sound of the film from a transmitter in their car.

Since 1862, Sandringham has been the country residence of four generations of British monarchs. The estate regularly hosts educational and recreational events such as garden tours, apple picking and a craft fair.

The queen is not present at the screenings. She currently resides in another palace. She is not expected to appear on the estate before Christmas.


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