Queen Elizabeth II Leaves Letter for Sydney, Could Be Opened in 2085


War Elizabeth II left a secret letter for the citizens of Sydney. The letter can only be opened in 2085.

Australia has a special relationship with the British Empire. During her lifetime, the Queen was head of state for several members of the British Commonwealth, including Australia.

The letter was hidden in a time capsule and placed in the Queen Victoria’s House which is located in Sydney. The letter was specifically addressed to the Mayor of Sydney.



“On the appropriate day, chosen by you in 2085 AD, please open this letter and read my message to the people of Sydney,” the letter’s instructions read.

Referring news.com.au the letter was also signed with the words “Elizabeth”.

As reported The IndependentThis letter is so secret that even the Queen’s personal staff do not know the contents of the letter.

On the other hand, the location where this secret letter is stored, namely the Queen Victoria Building, is a building built to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee in 1898.

The building had wanted to be demolished in the 1950s to make it a car park, but was thwarted.

The letter is one of Queen Elizabeth II’s legacies before she died at Balmoral Palace on September 8, 2022.

The death of Queen Elizabeth made her first child, King Charles III, now ruler of England. This position makes Charles co-head of state for 15 members of the Commonwealth, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


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