Entertainment Queen Elizabeth II .: Official! Now it is clear...

Queen Elizabeth II .: Official! Now it is clear that she and Prince Philip …

Queen Elizabeth II .: Now it is clear – she and Prince Philip …

on 04/07/2020 at 07:22 a.m.

This is the British succession to the throne

Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen of Great Britain since 1952. But who comes after her in the line of succession?

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Also the Queen and her husband Prince Philip are not spared the effects of the corona virus

Very few people in Great Britain expected this news. But the corona crisis not only brings the ‘normal’ people closer together. Royals too Queen Elizabeth II and her consort Prince Philip.

The Krasse: Until recently it was different. The Duke of Edinburgh had retired to his Norfolk estate about two years ago. Here are the Queen and Philip have been married since 1947!

Why does the queen and her prince suddenly live together again in a residence?

Queen Elizabeth II .: The Monarch and Prince Philip are …

The new housing situation was not entirely voluntary.

The reason for the sudden move is the corona virus. Just last week, the shock news rushed to Buckingham Palace that Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Charles, was infected with the dreaded virus. At the palace, they responded immediately after this message.

And so it happened that, according to the British Express, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are currently staying together at Windsor Castle, the royal estate that is located in the town of Windsor in Berkshire – around 35 kilometers from Buckingham Palace.

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Before that, Prince Philip had lived on the Wood Farm estate in Sandringham Estate, Norfolk since his retirement in 2017 – without his wife.

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Now the royal couple stays in Windsor Castle until the coronavirus situation has subsided. There is currently no reason to worry about Queen Elizabeth II.


This is Queen Elizabeth II .:

  • Born on April 21, 1926 in London as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor
  • She has been Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 Commonwealth States since 1952
  • She is the head of the Anglican Church
  • In 1947 she married Prince Philip
  • The royal couple have four children: Charles, Anne, Edward and Andrew
  • Charles is number 2 in the British line of succession


Prime Minister Boris Johnson infected with coronavirus

After it was announced on Friday that England’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson had also contracted the Coronavirus, Buckingham Palace reassured the people and declared that the Queen was doing well. The state of the prime minister, on the other hand, deteriorated massively. He has had to be treated in the hospital since Sunday.

“The Queen last saw the Prime Minister on March 11 and is now following instructions regarding her health,” a spokesman said on the Express.

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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will surely survive the now common time in self-quarantine at Windsor Castle, especially since the two theoretically still have enough exit. After all, Windsor Castle is the largest fully inhabited castle in the world.

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Her son Prince Charles had now sent a touching video message from the quarantine to tell how he was doing and to encourage the English people. In addition, the number 2 British succession to the throne decided to take an important step. A step that results from his corona disease. You can read what he had to say here >>>

Queen Elizabeth II .: video message to the people

And Queen Elizabeth II herself has already announced that she will send a video message to the whole country about the current coronavirus situation on Sunday. Here you can find out more >>>

Prince Harry plans to move

The Queen is not only worried about the corona virus. Grandson Prince Harry has also been causing trouble lately. The Duke of Sussex emigrated to Canada with his wife Meghan Markle. Now the couple is probably planning the next move. Here you can find out more >>>



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