Queen Elizabeth of Prince Philip. “I would be mine and stay with me all these years”

W Great Britain there is a national mourning over death Prince Philip. The prince, despite the sins of the past, was highly respected by his wife. Queen Elizabeth II she did not speak publicly about her husband very often. After the death of the 99-year-old, however, the Palace chose a memorable quote in which the monarch spoke beautifully about her spouse.

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Queen Elizabeth II speaks of Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II once again commemorated her deceased husband with the following words:

He was just my strength and he has remained so all these years. And I and his whole family, this and many other countries, we owe him a debt of gratitude – said the ruler of Great Britain in 1997.

Now the quote has been used to honor the memory of Prince Philip. The royal family also posted an excerpt from the royal biography by Annie Leibovitz from 2016 on Instagram.

At the Queen’s coronation in 1953, the Duke of Edinburgh swore that he would be “the servant of Her Majesty’s life and health.” The Prince was a devoted spouse (companion to the Sovereign) for almost 70 years, from Her Majesty’s accession to the throne in 1952 until her death.

Prince PhilipWe know the first details of Prince Philip’s burial. The funeral will not be public

Observers, friends and fans of the royal family from around the world express their condolences. Prince Philip enjoyed great support from the British.

I am terribly sad and broken. Shock. Prince Philip was so loved.

Whatever people think of the royal family, regardless of politics. A war veteran who has fought for environmental protection all his life – fans write on Instagram.

Condolences can also be sent via the official Royal.uk website, where a special form has been created for this purpose.

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