Queen isabel II. His cousin is jailed for sexual assault

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Mexico City / 23.02.2021 12:51:01

A few days ago, Prince Harry, grandson of the Queen isabel II, and his wife Meghan Markle, lost their last official titles after confirming to the sovereign their definitive withdrawal from the British royal family. Now, royalty is back in the spotlight.

The reason is because a relative of the monarch of England was sentenced this Tuesday to 10 months in prison for a sexual assault against a woman in her family castle in Scotland. Simon Bowes-Lyon, Earl of Strathmore, had admitted such assault in a bedroom at his Glamis Castle in February 2020.

Five years in prison

Bowes-Lyon, 34, who is the queen’s third cousin, pleaded guilty last month, saying he was very ashamed of his actions. Although at the beginning of your statement blamed alcoholbecause on the night of the attack he drank excessively, in the end he accepted that this is no excuse for having committed the crime.

I am very ashamed of my actions that have caused so much anguish to a guest in my house. Clearly, he had been drinking heavily the night of the incident. As someone who is well aware of the harm alcohol can cause, you should have known better. I acknowledge, in any event, that alcohol is no excuse for my behavior. I didn’t think I was capable of behaving like I did, but I’ve had to face it and take responsibility“, He said.

The man was convicted Tuesday in Dundee Regional Court and faces up to five years in jail for the crime.

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