Queries in Dad, not just bandages: 1 student in 2 has experimented with “absurd” anti-script methods

Cases that are far from isolated. During remote teaching, the questions and homework in the classroom carried out with at least ‘singular’ anti-copying methods, devised by the professors to try to guarantee the regularity of the tests, are actually part of the daily life of many students.

Because almost 1 in 2 pupils – among the 2 thousand middle and high school children interviewed by Skuola.net – at least once came across a teacher who has adopted a system defined as imaginative if not really “absurd”.

A phenomenon, reported periodically by the media when such cases come out (with relative public indignation), which is therefore much more widespread than one might think: from virtual inspections of the room, up to the double camera to check strange movements and unlikely positions to be taken to avoid any attempt to “cheat”. The signal of how many teachers (and students) still cannot interpret Dad in the correct way.

Prof has pupil blindfolded during interrogation in Dad. USR Veneto: “We will investigate”

But even when we move within the perimeter of normality, things are not really looking great. In fact, it seems obvious that 83% of students are forced to keep the camera and microphone turned on during their homework. It is also understandable that over 7 out of 10 pupils have one or more professors who use anti-script methods. Too bad that, analyzing the nature of these systems, everything becomes more questionable: in about a third of cases (29%) it is always and in any case “artisanal” methods (not exactly orthodox solutions conceived directly by the teacher) .

Fortunately for them, only 56% have teachers who use exclusively software or applications developed ad hoc to avoid dangerous distractions; 15% must instead adapt to a mixed scheme (a little technology and a little improvisation).

Thanks to the guys, however, Skuola.net got even more into the heart of the problem. How? By letting the boys tell the most sensational episodes that occurred in the last year in Dad. Some of which, unfortunately, are repeated promptly at every question or written assignment. It is possible to enclose them in some macro-categories:

The inspection – Inside are included the following instructions: frame the desk and the computer screen (with the smartphone camera) to check the absence of notes and notes; distance yourself one or two meters from the table in order not to be able to reach the station; the most demanding even ask for a video tour of the whole room.

Big Brother – In these cases the teacher could ask to: have a second video camera that always frames the work surface (to avoid tricks during construction); share your screen to show what you are viewing; there are those who even want three cameras (one on the pupil, one on the desk and telephone, one environmental) or the complete recording of the interrogation; or keep your gaze always straight at the computer webcam, complete with football rules (the first distraction you are cautioned, the second you are out: verification canceled!).

Questioning in the dark – Here the teachers try to solve the problem at the root, directly inhibiting the student’s view, in various ways: by making him put a blindfold on his eyes; forcing him to cover his face with his hands or simply to keep his eyes closed; asking to turn the chair and turn away from the screen, to stare at the side wall, to look at the ceiling. The most absurd instruction? Put your face on a pillow.

Removals – Some teachers want to clear away any doubts and ask, for example, the student: to take a mirror and place it behind them (to have a reverse shot of what is happening in the room), to make sure that the environment is sufficiently illuminated – in order not to leave ‘gray areas’ – or that has a good wi-fi signal, to move to another room in the house carrying only the device.

Gym – At times, then, the verification turns almost into the hour of physical education, with the student who, depending on the situation, must: stand up and stay there for the entire time of the interrogation; put your hands ‘up’ or behind your head; hold closed books and notebooks in your arms; constantly move around the room so as not to succumb to the temptation of prying eyes. More than a test, a training.

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