Queues in front of the Russian embassy in Ethiopia. Hundreds of volunteers volunteered to fight against Ukraine

On Tuesday, Reuters reporters saw several hundred men signing up at the embassy with Ethiopian guards. The guards wrote down their names and asked for proof of military service.

However, there is no evidence that any Ethiopian was sent to the war in Ukraine, and it is not known whether he will ever be sent, because the Russian embassy issued a statement in which it said that it was not recruiting among the volunteers that appeared, and the Ethiopians who set up queuing in front of the embassy are kind people expressing “solidarity and support for the Russian Federation”.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry welcomed a Russian statement which it called “the refutation of unsubstantiated reports of recruitment into the Russian armed forces.”

Ethiopia called on all sides of the war to exercise restraint and did not vote on the UN General Assembly resolution condemning the invasion of Ukraine on February 24what Russia calls a “special military operation” to demilitarize the country.

However, many people in Ethiopia expressed solidarity with Russia, which has maintained close relations with the country since the Soviet Union. The commotion in front of the embassy was caused by rumors spread on social media. I am talking about the payment of 2 thousand. hole. for joining the army and for the opportunity to work in Russia after the end of the war.

Ethiopia is one of the most diverse countries in Africa, plagued by poverty and internal conflicts. Ethiopia’s annual inflation is around 30%.

“I am ready to support the Russian government, and in return, after my release, I will receive an allowance,” one volunteer told Reuters in front of the Russian embassy.

“Life in Ethiopia is getting tough,” said a 30-year-old street vendor, who said he retired from the Ethiopian military in 2018 and now sells clothing and cell phones. “What I need is living in Europe,” he added.

source: Reuters

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