Quick deal for Anthony Davis ready


The recent rumors about the Los Angeles Lakers provide further insights into trade negotiations with New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis.

The rumors of the Los Angeles Lakers have increased because the NBA is absolutely on fire now. The Toronto Raptors have just won sides and won their franchise, the first NBA title.

One of the best free agents this summer, Kawhi Leonard, won the Finals MVP. Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors tore his ACL in the final game, which arrived three days later Kevin Durant of the Warriors tore his Achilles.

Kyrie Irving it looks like he'll be dressed in black and white next season, playing for the Brooklyn Nets, e Kemba Walker He is reportedly willing to take less than the supermax contract he is eligible to receive, so that his Charlotte Hornets acquire better talent around him.

Despite all the current fascination, the greatest story of the NBA is still where Anthony Davis will end and when.

Arye Abraham, a good friend and reliable source, gave me a scoop in the Lakers-AD trade competition. According to Abraham, the Lakers are more desperate than many fail to try to acquire Anthony Davis.

Reports have come out about how a Lakers-Pelicans trade is contingent Kyle Kuzma being involved, but as expected, this was reported by Abraham as a negotiating tactic on the Lakers' side. He went on to mention that LA is keeping all trade negotiations as simple and hidden from the public as possible, realizing a lack of disclosure during the Davis talks before the trade deadline hurts the team.

What this probably means is that the executives of the Pelicans organization are the ones who lose the news on the Lakers commercial packages. This is in line with that of Brian Windhorst relationship that the pelicans are trying to get the best offer possible from Boston.

Perhaps the most significant of what Abraham told me is that the Lakers know their final offer and are confident that New Orleans would accept it, but they are doing an excellent job of negotiation at the moment.

Anyone who thought that an Anthony Davis for the Los Angeles trade depended on Kyle Kuzma thought he was wrong. The Lakers are about to face Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, the fourth overall pick, and possibly a Josh Hart or Mo Wagner, if necessary, to get an agreement with New Orleans. The Lakers do not intend in any way to start commercial negotiations with this offer, however, but rather by saving their best offer last. Who knows, the Lakers could even give up less if the Pelicans are struggling to get the right value from other teams throughout the NBA.

What is important to understand is that the Lakers want this deal to be badly done. Abraham is reporting that the Lakers are "desperate" to get an AD agreement is something the Lakers are hiding from pelicans and for good reason. Even if I don't know, it seems like New Orleans isn't getting the best offers from teams all over the league.

This has a lot to do with Davis declaring his deep desire to play for the New York Knicks or Lakers. Reports indicate that Boston is not discouraged from trading for AD after Rich Paul's comments on Davis did not want to play for the Celtics.

I beg to differ, though, because Kyrie Irving does not even seem to consider re-signing with the Celtics. Also, trading with someone who has made it clear that they will not stay long and that will not make your contenders in the team championship would not make sense for an intelligent general manager like Danny Ainge do.

So far, what I hear is that the teams won't have to deal with what the Lakers seem to be willing to do. David Griffin may not be able to procure the mother load offer from the Lakers if the other teams don't start offering better value to Anthony Davis.

Based on what Abraham told me, it seems that at the moment there are no real threats to the Lakers for the acquisition of Anthony Davis.

The Celtics would love to have Anthony Davis, but what's the point if he won't play with Kyrie Irving and all the resources you'll do for him? On top of that, it made it very clear that he doesn't want to play in Boston. So Danny Ainge is probably doing everything he did again at the commercial deadline; prevent the Pelicans from sending AD to Los Angeles.

The Knicks were quietly less talked about as a team willing to trade for Davis and one with a legacy valuable enough to do so. The Lakers are favorites to land Davis for good reason, and Arye Abraham's report has only clarified things further.

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The Lakers will trade Ball, Ingram, Kuzma, the fourth choice, Hart / Wagner / future first, or even everything if they talk about it, but the good news is that it doesn't look like it will.


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