Quiet evening after measures at summer fair: ‘I don’t think they are used to much here’ | This weekend’s best stories

ARNHEM – Extra security at the entrance and on the grounds, plus the deployment of three neighborhood coaches. The summer fair at GelreDome immediately took extra measures after reports about groups of young people, who would have misbehaved.

Two oversized men equipped with walkie-talkies watch on Saturday evening at the main entrance of the Arnhem summer fair. Despite the rain, visitors walk back and forth on the grounds around the GelreDome stadium. Families, couples and groups of young people walk in.

Bags must be opened and checked. Caps and hoods must be removed at the entrance so that a security camera can properly capture the faces. It all happens without protest.

After police report

The measures are the direct result of a call on Facebook by the Arnhem-South police on Friday evening. This report reports on incidents involving young people who had found knives. According to the police, they also often wear clothing in which they try to make themselves unrecognizable, such as hoods.


I’m not mad at the police, but it’s a shame

Frans Stuy, Fair organizer

The message is cold on the roof of fair organizer Frans Stuy. According to him, there was nothing crazy going on and the situation was blown up. ,,A fair where a lot of young people walk, you always have something there. In this case, it concerned children aged 12 to 14 who have no money and are bored. Yes, then you get rowdy. We approached them and they were kicked off the site. We shouldn’t make it any bigger.”

Fair owner Frans Stuy, at one of the family attractions on the GelreDome site. © Erik van ‘t Hullenaar

“Look around you, you’re walking around here. Have you seen anything? There’s a lot going on here: daddies, moms with children. I enjoy this. I’m not mad at the police, but it’s a shame,” says the fairground director.

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