Quinté + Tuesday, October 19: Zelov posts good odds!

Logically considered an outsider ahead of time, especially since he had inherited a delicate position behind the autostart, Zelov successfully displayed the funny odds of 29/1 in the race event of the day at Paris-Vincennes , well helped in this for the drive of Gaby Gelormini.

There were sixteen horses of age to line up behind the autostart at the start of the Prix Algorah, the traditional Quinté + on Tuesday, October 19 at the Paris-Vincennes racecourse. Despite his bad position outside, Zelov (9- G. Gelormini) was able to take advantage of a favorable unfolding to come and dictate surely his law. Skillfully taken on by Gabriele Gelormini, in a test where the first kilometer was going to be done in a blazing time, the son of Love You followed the “wagon” of three on the climb, then stretched out perfectly in the straight line. to the great satisfaction of his partner: “That’s what he’s doing today, especially with this bad number behind the car. I had taken him to Amiens but he had had an unfavorable course. The first kilometer was completed very quickly. He came on tired horses to finish, it gave him a lot of morale. He wanted to overtake them. ” Constantly in ambush, Rocky Tilly (10- E. Raffin), author of a movement in the final turning point which unfortunately compromised the chances of Carthago of Her, surely came to seize second place ahead of Esteban Jiel (15- A. Abrivard), good finisher. Attacked at the top of the bump, Erasme Williams (3- Ph. Daugeard) put on a good countenance until the end but had to settle for the fourth allocation at the expense of Felli Eleven (2- GA Pou Pou), always seen in the “fight”.

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Final arrival: 9-10-15-3-2

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