Sport Quique Setién came out to defend themselves and responded...

Quique Setién came out to defend themselves and responded to the darts of Luis Suarez

Barcelona still leave a good image within the field of play and how it gave the game ended up rescuing a point against Celtic. The problem is that you left served by the field to take advantage the Real Madrid this Sunday you have the great chance to take two points of advantage and take an important step towards the title.

After the final whistle that decreed the 2-2, still with the beats high, Luis Suarez he left a statement that generated some controversy at the time of analysing the difficulty of the computer to be added to three of the visitor: “What happens to us? I think that for something to the coaches, to analyze those situations”said the uruguayan.

In this situation, that adds to the fact that Griezmann pulled out on the bank and started on the final, Quique Setién it was blunt and replied to the front. “I can say a thousand things, but there is not a single cause by which these things happen. We try to defend ourselves with the ball and there are times that you cannot attack. We would like to be more solid in many aspects. We are a team that wants to win and play on-field rival, but sometimes there is a disjointedness”, explained.

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“I’m not fixed if the signings are expensive or cheap. This week we have opted for another alignment. Last week, I was asked why I didn’t play Ansu Fati or Riqui Puig and this week by Griezmann. Taking technical decisions that are not capricious, and one takes them thinking they are the best for the team,”added. The coach, as in recent conferences, still without speaking of Lionel Messiwho still not able to convert the coveted goal 700 and was the great protagonist close controversy of the meeting.

The best phrases of Setién in conference

The lack of forcefulness: “We need to make the game that we do in goals, but it is costing us. Hit sometimes is not easy. There are gusts and we can see it with this team that we have faced today. The situation is not for us. It is costing us for different reasons and this creates nervousness. There is hope that things will change and improve”.

The definition of The League: “For eleven dates we were two points ahead and now is the Real Madrid that, if you win, we will overcome. The reality is that every day we’re going to have less margin of error and, in theory, is to win everything thinking that the opponent also is going to do. We will try to get all the points and see if we have something more solvency in certain aspects that can provide us with things.”

Your analysis of the match: “In the last few minutes risked a lot and found that tying goal, but we did not have to reach that situation. In the first part we were very superior, we did many things well, and we had to go into the break with a greater advantage. It was unfair. We are not at the point of lucidity that you have the equipment. It seems incredible that the action of Pique has not been a goal. And in the 2-2 the ball went by the place of the jump of a player (Griezmann). We have to correct things.”

The goals of the game


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