Quirinale, Sgarbi to La7: “If Berlusconi does not come to Rome it means that he has given up hunting. He stopped last Friday”

Vittorio Sgarbi talks about the “Squirrel” operation with Diego Bianchi in a long chat aired in the last episode of Propaganda Live (La7) before the vote for the Quirinale. Sgarbi explains the strategies and tells the behind the scenes of the persuasion operation put in place to recover votes to add to the abacus of Silvio Berlusconi. Sgarbi clarified that “Berlusconi is still in the field but, if you do not keep calling in an attempt to involve 60/70 deputies from the mixed or even from other areas, it means that you have given up hunting. The hunt was interrupted last Friday, if he does not return to Rome it means that he has given up “

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