Quirky prohibitions on Good Friday: From the “Heidi” movie to the move


The Easter weekend is just around the corner and for many people it is also a question of what is forbidden on the quiet holidays between Maundy Thursday and Easter Monday. The ban on dancing is probably well known to most. However, this is regulated differently at country level. How the ban on dancing in your state is regulated by law, you can read here.

What many do not know: On Good Friday, many more activities are banned. This includes, for example, the blacklist for movies on silent holidays. The list contains more than 700 films that may not be shown publicly on Good Friday. But the prohibitions also affect the private sector. Or did you know that you can not move on the feast day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? The star Explain what (bizarre) things are still prohibited on this particular day.

No entertainment on Good Friday

The protection of the silent holidays is partially anchored in the Basic Law. Any form of entertainment should therefore – if at all – run only in private. Public mass entertainment is prohibited on Good Friday. Cinemas are only allowed to show a selection of films that are appropriate for the highest Christian holiday.

The television must also stick to it. Film classics like “The Life of Brian”, “Heidi” and “The Ghostbusters” should not be shown to a wide audience. The fact that “Heidi” is on the index, is officially justified by the fact that people could feel disturbed when looking at the religious or moral feeling. Also gambling halls, casinos and folk festivals may not be visited. Musicals, operas and theaters can be closed if their program does not correspond to the character of the silent holiday. Sporting events are not allowed, on Good Friday the football stadiums of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga are empty.

No move, no car wash

The ban on dancing and the prohibition of public entertainment may no longer seem timely to many people. However, in case of disregard of these laws, the organizers would normally have to bear the costs. The prohibition list for private individuals only becomes particularly piquant when it comes to things that affect their private lives. According to the ban on moving on quiet holidays, people are not officially allowed to move on Good Friday. If you do not stick to it, you have to expect a fine of up to 1000 euros in the worst case scenario. The washing systems remain closed. If you want to wash your car, you have to do it at home. Furthermore, all types of weekly and flea markets and public events that can be assigned to this area are prohibited.

Also on Easter Sunday, there are some legally regulated prohibitions, most of which should not be known so. In North Rhine-Westphalia since 2006, the shop opening law. This also affects bakeries that have been criticizing this regulation for years. If you look forward to a cozy breakfast with fresh bread on Easter Sunday, you will be disappointed. In this case, Aufbackbrötchen help out, or you drive to the nearest gas station. The bans have long been in the criticism, at several courts, a loosening of the law is negotiated.


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