Quotient, promoters, no relegations: NFV association board agrees on termination option

In its fourth meeting in the virtual room since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the association board of the Lower Saxony Football Association (NFV) agreed to put the following request on the agenda at the announced extraordinary association day: The 2019/20 season will be canceled and with the help of a Ratio rule (number of points divided by games played). There are promoters, but there are no relegations.

“Resonance has shown where the preferences of the clubs are”

In the question of advancement, the association board agreed on the variant “regular climber + relegation place”.

“The webinar last Saturday once again contributed to the comprehensive information provided to the clubs. The response has shown where the clubs’ preferences are. In this respect, the board of directors unanimously came to a decision, even after the recommendation of the presidium,” says NFV President Günter Distelrath.

The NFV reserves the right to make special arrangements for the cup competitions or to extend the coming season until the start of the summer vacation on July 22, 2021.

The extraordinary association day will take place on Saturday, June 27th. Probably in virtual space. 324 delegates will take part. Their number is made up of the 200 delegates from the 33 districts, the members of the association board, the three delegates from each of the four districts and the delegates from the clubs, whose teams play for men and women in the upper league and higher.

An overview: This is the status quo for Germany’s national associations. As of May 21, 2020.

Schleswig-Holstein: It remains to be seen whether they will be walking on ice. One thing is clear: The Presidium of the Schleswig-Holstein Football Association (SHFV) has decided that the 2019/2020 season should not be extended beyond June 30th. Instead, it will expire without further play. In other words, it has been canceled. “The decision gives our clubs the best possible planning security,” SHFV President Uwe Döring is quoted on the association’s website.

 On May 9, the Presidium finally decided to evaluate the season using the quotient rule. There are two promotions, but no relegations. If a team waives promotion, the right of promotion is not passed on. The pending district cup games are to be played as regional qualifying rounds before the start of the next season. In the case of women and juniors, however, only the relay winners rise, there are also no relegations.


It is expected that there will be further applications from the clubs – and thus the cancellation of the season and the freezing and continuation of the 2019/20 season, which was originally favored by the NFV, will be available for selection.

Review: On Friday, April 17, a good month ago, the top of the association had agreed to continue the current season, if possible from September 1, provided the clubs give their consent. “A termination does not have any advantages. On the contrary: further liability issues would arise,” said Distelrath at the time.

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