R.Kelly: His daughter calls him a "monster" after being accused of pedophilia!


R.Kelly was charged with pedophilia several years ago. Today, her daughter comes out of the silence and clearly shows that she does not support her father!

Many years have passed since the singer R.Kelly finds himself in full controversy. The latter has received numerous allegations of pedophilia and can no longer count on the support of his relatives.

R.Kelly: the singer, still accused of rape!

A few days ago, a documentary about R.Kelly was broadcast in the United States. " Survive R.Kelly » he recounted the numerous allegations of rape and pedophilia that the singer has received in recent years. Even today, this story continues to be controversial. Many personalities criticize the man and encourage victims to talk about it.

An investigation in Georgia was opened following allegations of rape against R.Kelly. The man is alone because his former collaborators have testified against him and some of his relatives. By the way, the ex-wife of the singer, Andrea Kelly, denounced her husband and did not hesitate to talk about his behavior in the documentary. This last had three children with the artist and today they are the children who openly criticize their father.

R.Kelly: His daughter calls him a "monster" of his accusations!

Andrea Kelly applied for a divorce in 2006, when she was a victim of domestic violence. The woman said she did not know that R.Kelly was living a double life. Today, Joann Kelly, the singer's eldest daughter, has stepped out of the shadows. The woman, known by the name of "Buku Ab", admits to be ashamed of his father and even calls him a "monster" on social networks.

" My mother, my brothers and I would never have tolerated, supported or been part of something that would have done negatively and will continue to do in her life. Going through all that I have experienced in my life, I would not want anyone to feel the pain I felt He said

Joann Kelly remained silent for a long time about her father's accusations. However, this does not prevent him from having many problems for all the victims and their families. She often thinks about them and supports them as she can.

"I apologize if my silence about everything that happens suggests that it is careless.This is my last intention.I pray for all the families and women affected by my father's actions Believe me, I was deeply impressed by all this Has explained.

R.Kelly definitely can not count on his daughter's support. Also, it seems that Joann Kelly has decided to live far from her father.