R. Kurtinaitis: about E. Ataman’s trick, Juventus’ offer, the Japanese market and G. Žiemel’s project

On the Krepsinis.net portal – the second part of “MISsMATCH” with the coach Rim Kurtinaitis.

He commented on the departure of the players of “Žalgiris” from Kaunas to the city after losing the semi-final and compared it to the fines he had in the “Khimki” team of the Moscow region.

“Some of Scariola’s points were ridiculous. If you have done something, you have to buy pizzas, some Italian options for the team. I thought: get 2 million and buy a pizza? I immediately raised the prices – 3 thousand, 5 thousand, 5 percent of the salary, 10 percent. If you receive 200 thousand per month and give 10 percent, you don’t really want to give that much,” he smiled.

R. Kurtinaitis told what trick Ergin Atamanas, the strategist of Istanbul “Anadolu Efes” used to have.

“He has such tricks that only Easterners can have. In the EuroLeague, we have adopted a rule that if the coach interrupts a quick attack on purpose, he will not receive a technical penalty, but will be sent off. As Ataman used to do: for example, there are 2 minutes left, it’s equal, 3 on 1 runs to a quick attack, Ergin runs out onto the field, grabs the referee and says that there was a penalty. The referee stops, gives a technical and what? One penalty, not two points,” the coach said.

R. Kurtinaitis does not yet know where he will work next season, but Utena’s “Uniclub Casino – Juventus” team remains among the most realistic options, he was invited last season as well.

“They called, I said it’s not the time, not that I don’t want to. I explained to Žydrūn that what will I come and do? A change or a minute break? I’ll want to train like we’re going to play, but if I do, we’ll either lose everything or half the players will break. I like Utena, they are not great, but they are ambitious, it was difficult to play with them,” he recalled.

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R. Kurtinaitis is not surprised by the fact that now the Japanese basketball market is gaining more and more popularity.

“It’s an interesting market, we’re also talking. “Ukraine was interesting, I had a couple of offers, but I didn’t go before the war, the Russian market closed, China too, although it was ideal for everyone,” he said.

00:00 departure of Zalgirians to the city after the defeat

06:00 penalties for players

09:00 memories of Jankūnas

13:00 pressure for the judges

16:30 Ataman tricks

19:00 why is Šeškus the MVP of all-time coaches?

22:00 surprising “Lietkabelis”

28:00 Conflict between Žibėnas and Čanak

32:20 offer from Utena

41:00 The Japanese market, which Kurtinaitis is also looking at

46:00 Ziemeli project

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