Rabdan Academy receives the first batch of Indonesian Defense University candidates


Within the student exchange program

January 2, 2023

14:15 pm


one minute

Abu Dhabi / Wam
Rabdan Academy received the first batch of Indonesian Defense University candidates to study at the Academy during the next semester, within the framework of the student exchange program, one of the aspects of joint cooperation between the two sides.
The first batch included 10 candidates from the Indonesian side of the third year students, who will enroll in the Academy’s various programs in the scientific, academic, research and professional fields, within the fields of safety, security, defense, emergency preparedness and crisis management.
Rabdan Academy is implementing its student exchange program in cooperation with its partners from various leading and prestigious universities around the world, in an exceptional and unique context that combines academic, cultural, societal and professional aspects, in a way that contributes to the exchange of knowledge, experiences and skills, and the promotion of aspects of joint research and development, as well as the exchange of experiences. high level experiences.
This program is part of the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between the Indonesian Defense University and Rabdan Academy during the month of September in Sentul, Indonesia.
While Rabdan Academy receives visiting students from various universities around the world within the framework of the student exchange program, it also allows its students to spend up to one semester in another country within a new educational context and a rich experience that allows them to integrate into the wider world.

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