Racism in New York, oddly up to date: “When they see us” on Netflix


DOnald Trump would have liked to see her dead. Antron McCray, Korey Wise, Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and Raymond Santana. After all, it was worth $ 85,000.

To say that and to make public that he, a hitherto politically not very conspicuous New York real estate publisher, wanted to hate her. And that he would like to have the death penalty for her again. He ran ads in four newspapers before the trials started against the five boys.

Between 14 and 16 years old, they were accused of rape and attempted to kill the 28-year-old jogger Trisha Ellen Meili. Taken during the night of 19 to 20 April 1989 in Central Park.

Trump's public announcement, which had a not insignificant effect on Trump's publicity, and its implications went into the history of justice, media and social affairs.

Because of the extent of racism that was later revealed in the prisons during the investigation and the boys' experiences. Racism in law enforcement, in the media, ever in the everyday life of seemingly liberal New York.

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New York, it must be said, was on its way to no-go-areas. The violence exploded. The society threatened to implode. Around 5,000 rapes were reported annually.

Through the Central Park, a mob of hanged youths regularly ran and operated “Wilding,” chasing Whites, beating and kicking, and rioting.

By accident into misfortune

The Central Park Five – which tells “When They See Us,” which is definitely the most moving, probably even the best history series you can see at the moment – got into it for a variety of reasons and quite by accident.

Then they were – they mostly did not know each other – arrested. Then they fell into a mill, fueled by prosecutorial profiteering, police delusion, public pressure, exploding media attention (the case was the most intensively escorted criminal case in New York's history), and above all, racism.

On the way to disaster: Scene from “When they see us”

Source: Atsushi Nishijima / Netflix

In the end, they were sentenced to up to 14 years in prison. Although nothing fit, none of the tracks really led to them.

Not only for Donald Trumps, for whom the “Central Park Five” campaign was his first and very significant step in politics, the affair of the five “animals” (Linda Fairstein, responsible prosecutor, later mystery writer) is a strange one current case.

Through the hell of the interrogations

It showed seven years ago Ken Burns' pretty grandiose documentary film, it can be an up to date current psychogram of America show. From the lack of character of some media to the weakness of liberal society.

In the six-hour mini-series by Ava DuVernay, Oscar-nominated for the Martin Luther King drama “Selma”, the analysis of society takes place more in the corner of the eye. “When They See Us” is not a hagiography, but rather authentic traces the ways of the five in their mischief.

The hell of the interrogations in which the teenagers without parents, without legal aid, without food were mangled by uninhibited policemen. The disaster of the trial, the hell of the jail, in which the five were smashed like child molesters.

In the end, however, the four-piece still believes in the good in the legal system. That's almost a miracle.

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Antron McCray, Korey Wise, Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and Raymond Santana were acquitted.

Matias Reyes, a brutal serial rapist who found himself in jail and confessed to Trisha Meili (after Korey Wise was caught behind bars in “When They See Us”).

Is there anything good in Trump?

They were awarded a good $ 50 million in compensation. Donald Trump, in all his pompous gluttony, thought that was stupid.

If one believed in a good in him, one put him “When They See Us” for looking to the heart.

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