Radio Onda Azul, Fundación Ángeles de la Caridad y la Música, share experiences and ideas of social projects

and the importance of scholarships 2020

Through a virtual conference on the fanpage of Radio Onda Azul, scholarship winning students “Angels of Charity and Music”, shared experiences and ideas of social projects and the importance of the 2020 scholarships.

The 2019 scholarship recipient, Navia Limachi Aguilar, said that the scholarship was an important help to learn about the problems of the elderly and adolescents, through a social activity called games of yesteryear. “Then we managed to produce a set of radio dramas,” he said.

For his part, Elvis Vilca Manzano, said that he worked on the social project of oratory and leadership in adolescents of 12 and 13 years of age of the Glorioso San Carlos Educational Institution in the city of Puno, which had satisfactory results.

Likewise, Leiton Apaza Callo and Laura Ccasa Valero have been working on social projects related to health promotion and empowerment to fight against sexual harassment and abuse, respectively. Also, the fellow, Josué Lázaro Churata Calla, will address the subject of culture and music.

“My project is called: the more we know, the better we are. This project will be based on the promotion of health (…), which is a current health problem, because the lack of access to information and guidance can lead to self-medication, ”said Leiton Apaza.

It should be noted that this year, the General Administration of Radio Onda Azul AC (ROA), in compliance with the pastoral projection and promotion of social support for outstanding young people with a lack of resources, promotes the call for the Scholarship Contest for students of institutions state higher education.

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