Rafael Cardozo tells how he asked Carol Reali for her hand: “I was shaking”

Rafael Cardozo confessed that he was shaking when he knelt before Carol Reali. (Photo: Instagram)

In the edition of “More Show” on January 12, Raphael Cardozo was linked via live video call to tell unpublished details of how the proposal to his partner Carol Reali was. Let us remember that after almost 11 years of relationship, the former reality boy finally asked the Brazilian to marry him during his stay on a cruise in the United States.

During his appearance on the show, Jasmine Pinedo He did not hesitate to ask her to tell how the precise moment in which he gave her the ring was and stressed that she was one of the most excited to hear the news.

“That request for a hand was crazy. 11 years of relationship and I knelt at 0 hours with 0 minutes “, The former member of Esto es Guerra began by saying. The driver asked him if he had already planned it beforehand or if everything was spontaneous.

“I had help from some friends to choose the ring because I don’t understand much about it, but I did give Carol a beautiful ring. On the cruise at midnight the gringos were counting down and that’s when I knelt down and trembled“, he expressed.

“I’m not afraid to be in front of cameras but that time I was trembling as they have no idea (…) I don’t have a date yet but I’m going to get married this year (2022) yes or yes. I knelt down in front of everyone and it was crazy because people started screaming and celebrating. It was a very nice moment and I even cried“he added.

They also asked him to count the words he used to ask his partner to marry him; However, Cardozo confessed that he could not say anything because there was too much noise.

“The funny thing was that there was a lot of noise, people were shouting and we couldn’t hear each other well, but the gesture of kneeling, of grabbing the ring, made Carol scream and I didn’t have the opportunity to say something. (…) It was something that just the two of us did and it was very intimate”, he pointed.

Finally, Brunella Horna He asked her if she would like her wedding to be broadcast on television, as some celebrity figures have decided. “I would like it because all of Peru has been with us since the beginning. I would like to invite the whole country and the only way would be for it to be on television“, he concluded.

It should be noted that during his interview, the businessman indicated that he has not yet chosen the date for the wedding or the place where it would take place.

Rafael Cardozo tells how he proposed to Carol Reali on New Year’s Eve during their cruise trip.


At the beginning of the year, Carol Reali and Rafael Cardozo showed their fans the place that will be their new home. The couple acquired a piece of land in Huaral, which they have been building little by little.

“Our dream coming true, our country house. Soon the work begins, I am super excited, everything is already moving forward”said the model on that occasion.

It should be remembered that the couple arrived in Peru many years ago, to be part of This is war. They are one of the former members of the reality show, along with Yaco Eskenazi, Sully Sáenz, Nicola Porcella, among others.

The couple gradually gained the affection of the Peruvian public, until they decided to settle in the country, so much so that they already have their own land.

Carol Reali and Rafael Cardozo happy with their land in Huaral.  (Photo: Instagram)
Carol Reali and Rafael Cardozo happy with their land in Huaral. (Photo: Instagram)


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