Rafaelillo takes the loot and Escribano scores in Aguado’s good debut without a sword with Victorino

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In this somewhat jinxed Bonfires fair, of the two great incentives that the end-of-Fair celebration held -with the permission of Rafaelillo, hardened and consolidated in a thousand battles like this- one had gone to waste the day before. Those who were waiting for Morante were left with the desire because of the double mishap suffered hours before in Badajoz, which left the genius with a rib fracture among other consequences of the double beating and which made it impossible for him to face the Victorians who were waiting for him in a gesture that was advertised with such enthusiasm on banners and canopies throughout the city.

The other milestone, even sung as a “special appointment” by Roca Rey on social networks in the preview, was the debut of Pablo Aguado with the bulls of Victorino Martín. The first of his life was called ‘Borrajero’, which he threw with pleasure by the left piton and who had a happy and beautiful fight on sticks. The Sevillian wanted to offer his first Victorino to his fellow poster as a memory of the unforgettable afternoon. And at the beginning of the slaughter he was accompanied by an expectant silence that soon turned into oles when the Sevillian tempered the bull with great beauty and depth crutches. The task grew especially naturally, leaving the body and with the adjustment that is demanded of him in front of a bull with nobility and less and from which he would have walked his ear if he had not failed repeatedly with the sword.

The sixth did not make it easy for him. He stopped short in the Sevillian’s cloak and the anger took hold after the square when the picador exceeded his limits for punishment. Amid some disorder, Aguado got around but the bull, slow, rough and recovering, complicated the showing off by shortening the trip over the stick. The Sevillian more than justified himself in two rounds of great merit and intensity and another one helped with the left, always winning the pace as the key to make the bull pass in turn. Again the sword blurred what was done and took the ear.

The winner of the afternoon was Rafael Rubio, who hypnotized the sardine and stubborn man who opened a place in a receipt with care to the media. He had mobility and good are Victorino’s bull and it didn’t take him long to faint the figure of him the Murcian in a well-structured, very cheery fight, which had its zenith in a round round of great cleanliness, depth and link. The Murcian relaxed again to natural, plethoric, who consolidated a solid work also finished off with a superb lunge. Two unquestionable ears for the bullfighter and a more controversial return to the ring for ‘Venganza’.

He wanted to round off Rafaelillo with the fourth, with more rennet and worse condition. The brave Murcian bullfighter gave fiber to his sleepy attack and his tenacity was answered in the epilogue with chained chest passes. Another sword blow put the third ear in his hand, carried with great parsimony.

Manuel Escribano, substitute for Morante de la Puebla, warmed up the lines in banderillas, before offering a toast to the medical team that saved his life in this square back in 2016. , he lacked finals. A puncture prior to the lunge left the prize and his effort in a loud ovation.

The Sevillian needed four pairs to end up leaving four clubs in front of the fifth, who began his work in the middle round, demanding a lot from the good Victorino below, who responded. There was less adjustment in a natural first batch before returning to the right, where the tone rose between threats of ‘Hermeneutic’ to crack. An ear was the fair prize for his afternoon. At a slow pace, between little photos, boots and the signature of multiple capes, the return to the ring, eternal as Rafaelillo’s, went until 6 minutes. An excess when it was already around three hours of celebration.

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