Rain, admiring the 159 cm child’s physical… Do you like this because you don’t like exercise? (‘Season off season’)[종합]

[마이데일리 = 오윤주 기자] Singer Rain and Yooa, a member of the group Oh My Girl, created a delightful chemistry.

On the 24th, a video titled ‘A toddler who came to dance and was hit by a calorie bomb’ was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Season B Season’ run by singer Rain. On this day, YooA appeared as a guest and showed off her sense of entertainment.

Rain said, “Personally, among female solo singers, there are a few people who think they dance the best. One of them is YooA. I saw a stage where she did a Michael Jackson cover, and she danced well and was stylish.” praised

Then, after watching YooA’s recently released solo song ‘Selfish’ dance, he said, “It’s so refreshing and I like the song. It’s a song I want to dance to.”

Rain was surprised by Yooa’s comment, “I really hate exercise,” and asked, “But how do you have such good physical skills?” In response, Yua made her laugh by joking, “Thank you, parents. What should I do?” Yua said, “Because I have to dance for a long time, I do a lot of meditation breathing to manage my stamina. I do fitness and learn horseback riding little by little.”

On the other hand, YooA said that there are definitely pros and cons of group and solo, “The pros are that there is definitely a place to breathe while performing on stage, and you can tidy up your hair a little bit. Solo has to be perfect every moment without any gaps, but I don’t do 1/1 of N. Isn’t that the best? “He groaned.

Then, Rain looked back at the sad episode, “I was in a group and then went bankrupt. I never earned anything while promoting in a group. All I did was negative.” Rain debuted as a six-member group fan club in 1998, but the team disbanded a year later in 1999.

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