Rainy and windy weather expected this week BNN

In the second week of September, the weather in Latvia will be determined by a wide cyclone over the north of Scandinavia. Due to the cyclone, windy winds and precipitation are expected until the next holidays, warn the weather forecasters of the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology (LEGMC).

At the beginning of the working week, several precipitation zones are approaching Latvia. On Monday, September 7, rain is expected only in places, however, there is a possibility of thunderstorms, but on Tuesday a wider precipitation zone will cross Latvia, therefore rain is expected in the whole territory of the country, it will rain heavily in some places.

The air temperature on Tuesday during the day will not exceed the limit of + 12… + 17 degrees (in Celsius). A moderately strong south-western, westerly wind will blow, which in gusts in Kurzeme and Vidzeme will reach 15–19 m / s, but in some places even 20–22 m / s on the coast.

A similar time will remain in the middle of the working week. On Wednesday, the amount of precipitation will slightly decrease and a moderate southwest wind will blow, with gusts reaching 15–17 m / s in gusts, the LEGMC forecasts. On Thursday night, a new precipitation zone will approach Latvia, which will bring moderate to strong rain throughout the country.

The wind will remain strong, reaching gusts of 17-20 m / s.

In the following days, as the effects of the high-pressure branch intensify, precipitation will decrease and the wind will subside. On Friday, rain is expected only in some places, but on Saturday in most of Latvia it will pass without precipitation. The air temperature on Fridays and Saturdays will reach + 15… + 20 degrees. However, current forecasts suggest that cyclones will resume at the end of the week and new precipitation and increased winds are expected.

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