Raise the support before moving to the Saraya!

The first gift for Najib Mikati will be the lifting of fuel subsidies. This is a gift that he himself sought to obtain, assuming that its arrival before he officially started his work, would free him from the responsibility, in which he was a partner through his permanent support for Riad Salameh. On the other hand, the news from beyond the frontier seems more merciful. With the approaching arrival of Iraqi oil and Syria declaring the readiness of the gas pipeline to be drawn into Lebanon, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announces today the start of the arrival of Iranian diesel, explaining the distribution mechanism and stages

The long series of authoring the government ended, and the chapter on gaining confidence came to an end. But before that, the traditional memorial picture on the stairs of the Baabda Palace is necessary. This photo is supposed to be taken prior to the government meeting at 11 am, which will be devoted exclusively to getting acquainted with the components of the new government and for the formation of the ministerial statement drafting committee. The committee, in which all blocs are expected to be represented, is supposed to prepare the statement within a maximum of one month, before it appears before the House of Representatives to gain confidence.

According to the information, the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, is said to have run out of the $200 million allocated for importing fuels at the price of 8000 pounds to the dollar (an amount of $25 million was allocated to the Electricity of Lebanon), and he can no longer open any dependence on the subsidized price. This practically means the end of subsidies, with the additional inflation that this leads to, and an unprecedented rise in prices.

While well-informed sources expected that the subsidy would be lifted today, others indicated that the formation of the government would not delay this announcement, but on the contrary would speed it up. According to the sources, lifting the subsidy before it is a decision for Salameh or the Central Council of the Banque du Liban is a request for Mikati, who wants to lift the subsidy before he takes office on Tuesday.

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If this is true, the lifting of subsidies will be the first files on the table of the new government, whose president has already started meetings with a number of ministers to discuss basic files facing the government, including, for example, the financing card file, which is supposed to be completed quickly.


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