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Raja Koduri showed a family of discrete GPU Intel Xe / news /

In the laboratories Intel continues work on graphics processors with the architecture of the Xe. Coduri Raja (Raja Koduri) today shared photos of a new family of GPUs tested on the Intel enterprise in the Californian city of Folsom. The picture shows three GPUs, two of which are impressive for its size.

On the left in the photo, as we already know, is a chip Xe-HP is designed for use in compute accelerators for data centers. The smallest GPU is probably the basis of the graphic adapter DG1 or DG2 future, and monstrous chip at the bottom, which Raj calls Fabolous Big Package, presumably is the code name Arctic Sound.

Intel GPU

To the GPU for data centers Intel uses chipley approach, combining on a single PCB with several individual crystals. In the case of Arctic Sound under the heat-spreading lid are just four chips. If you believe the rumors, it has 4096 cores, nominal heating package is 400-500 W, and computing power in operations FP32 reaches several tens of teraflops.

Intel GPU

Raja Koduri also shared snapshots test platforms Discrete Graphics 1 (DG1) and Big Fabolous Package. In both cases for heat dissipation answer liquid cooling system.

Intel GPU

Recall that before the end of the year Intel plans to release a mobile video card DG1, which is based on a 10-nm Xe GPU-LP. Next year, the chip maker will reveal to the world the first boosters Xe-HPC for compute-intensive sector.




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