Rajoy believes that the amnesty would "a death blow to democracy" and accuses Sánchez of lying about dejudicialization

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“The amnesty is something crazy, an amendment to the entirety of Spanish democracy. It is a fraud and is absolutely immoral, because we will be saying that everything that Spanish democracy did was poorly done and illegitimate.” This is how Mariano Rajoy has summarized his position on the amnesty mortgage for the crimes of the process.

In an interview with Cope, the former president of the Government has harshly stressed that the amnesty would mean the bankruptcy of Spanish democracy. “It is a coup de grace to the Constitution and our own democracy,” he stressed.

“It is a torpedo in the waterline of Spanish democracy. We are at a very decisive moment in the history of Spain, because we are being told that our laws are illegitimate, and that would mean the law of the strongest. Everything must be done whatever the law allows to prevent this amnesty from being carried out,” Rajoy continued.

In his opinion, if an amnesty occurs, we will be faced with a very negative message: “That there are politicians who go unpunished and can do whatever they deem appropriate. It is an attack on everything, including the equality of Spaniards.” That is why he believes that there should be a State pact between the PSOE and the PP to avoid it.

Furthermore, he has assured that Pedro Sánchez never spoke to him about not having to judicialize the Catalan crisis, nor did he say the word “dejudicialize” to him.

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