RAM pilots concede a salary cut of MAD 400 million to reinstate their dismissed colleagues

The referendum organized by the AMPL (Moroccan Association of Airline Pilots) in reaction to the dismissals qualified as abusive of 65 pilots resulted in the adoption by an absolute majority of a reduction in their own emoluments up to the amount of the savings on the wage bill induced by the redundancies pronounced by the RAM and the immediate reinstatement of the 65 dismissed pilots. Otherwise, the association will provide for the filing of a strike notice.

The pilots thus concede a reduction in the wage bill of the RAM of 400 million of DH spread over 3 years. It was also decided to inform the management of this proposal in order to start a responsible and peaceful dialogue with a view to canceling the redundancies and reinstating the dismissed Pilots.

The pilots will also seize the public authorities in order to intervene within the framework of a mediation in order to promote the construction of a fair and balanced solution which would serve the interests of RAM as well as of its employees.

The Association warns that in the event of non-completion of these necessary and essential steps, a strike notice will be filed within the deadlines set by AMPL according to the evolution of events and the health context. national.

All the Pilots thus express their full support for the RAM recovery plan through their contribution in the form of wage reduction to the tune of DH 400 million spread over 3 years and by saving the cost of redundancy estimated at DH 250 million“, indicates a statement.


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